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About Us

We are a small specialty nursery that creates finished living gifts. New selections of fruit and ornamentals are joined with their hard to find relatives to offer the customer a unique selection of choices, leading towards a rewarding gift. What makes us unique rests in our incorporation of the three components of customer satisfaction. Our goal is to combine:

- A Novel Exciting Gift from a Diverse Genetic Range- with a Quality Glazed Ceramic Container

- "On Time" Shipping

- Presented in a "Transit Tested Safe" Corrugated Box

Through our physiology based cultural practices, a timely, safe and secure shipping and delivery system, we then input our unique range of products. As new materials are evaluated through small production trials our available list of offerings is constantly added to and expanded. An alternative to cut flowers, our products appeal to the customer interested in a unique selection of quality botanicals that will grow and display their annual cycles providing a natural example of permanence. Grown with care and shipped throughout the country, our "ready to enjoy" carefree products make a welcome presentation for any holiday or special occasion.

It is our hope that you will find within our current list something that touches you, either through the sheer aesthetics of the item or within the culinary applications of the fruited trees. If we have left something that interests you off of our current list, we would be glad to source it and grow it specifically for you.

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